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BODY SCRUBS - Warum Du Peelings in Deine Hautpflegeroutine einbauen solltest

Body Scrubs - Why you should install peelings into your skin care routine

Summer is in full swing, the high temperatures invite you to swim. For many, this also includes sunbathing.  But this also means a high load for the skin. Heat and direct UV radiation can very much add to her and leave her in damaged. 

So that your skin can shine properly in autumn, you should regularly spoil them with a gentle peeling.

We'll tell you why this is so important what you should pay attention to and which one Products By Bath & Body Works we have for you.

Maybe you've heard of the different layers of the skin. If the upper layer of skin dies, it becomes visible underneath. However, dead skin cells can deposit on the new layer of skin and hinder the cells to regenerate themselves.
Peelings are the best way to get rid of these dead cells because they are simply scrubbed away and thus make space for new skin cells. 

Since the skin is then more receptive, other products such as Body Lotions and Body creams also look better.

Still not convinced? Then watch out:

Apart from the better blood circulation, which is stimulated by the peeling, it also stimulates the production of collagen, which acts against wrinkles. That means the skin looks tighter and above all younger! 

So if that's not an argument! And the body scrubs are super easy to use:
Choose the favorite Scrub, take it under the shower and incorporate it in circular movements for about 30 seconds. Then wash off, apply cream and your skin feels much softer.

Please note that too much peeling can lead to dryness and irritation of the skin. You should therefore use the peeling a maximum of three times a week.

You should also respond to your skin and carefully select the right products. Because your skin is as individual as you are.
There is something for every skin type at Bath & Body Works.

Here are a few overview: 

Rough peelings, like the foamy pumice stone scrub from Japanese Cherry Blossom Or sugar-oil body scrubs from the aromatherapy series such as the fragrance Lavender & vanilla Clean the skin very intensely and long -lasting. The oil has a dashing effect and protects the skin from drying out. 

However, if you naturally have very dry or sensitive skin, you should prefer a gentler peeling, such as the sand and sea salt Body Scrub  At the beach to use. It contains gently massaging walnut shells and nourishing coconut oil. But also the rice milk & sheea body scrub Japanese Cherry Blossom  and more Clean the skin gently and contain rich ingredients.


And on top there is still the Glow Body Scrubs A Thousand WishesPure Wonder and Into the nightthat leave your skin behind with a long -lasting subtle shimmer - a real eye -catcher!



So what are you waiting for? Now discover the different peels from Bath & Body Works and let the fragrant products not only spoil your skin, but also your soul!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

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