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Conditions of Participation

Conditions of participation for sweepstakes

1. General

The competition will be run by UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug, Neuer Wall 10, 20354 Hamburg, Germany and announced on their official social media platforms as a feed post or video (“post”). Social media platforms include in particular the online services of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug is free to announce the competition in other media forms. The competition ends at the time defined in the post. Changes to the competition will be announced in the same media on which the entry was published. The legal process is excluded.

2. Terms and Conditions

The minimum age for participation is 18 years. The competition is open to all persons residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Participation is possible by fulfilling all the requirements specified in the entry. Employees of UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug are not allowed to participate.

3. Profit

The non-cash prize mentioned in the entry can be won, whereby the non-cash prize can also consist of a voucher or a voucher for products. Winners will be chosen at random after the Sweepstakes has ended and, unless otherwise specified, will be notified via direct message or email on the same social media platform through which they entered. Entitlement to the notified prize arises after feedback from the respective winner in the form of a reply in the same way in which the prize notification was received. If the prize notification was made on a social media platform, the winner must respond within 7 working days with a link to the respective profile of UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug ( Instagram: unlimitedbrandsshop / Facebook: UnlimitedBrandsShop / Youtube: unlimitedbrandsshop / TikTok : unlimitedbrandsshop). After this period, UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug can determine a new winner at random. Prizes will then be mailed to the winners. The cash payment of winnings is excluded. There are no claims to specific properties of prizes that cannot be inferred from the direct wording of the competition.

4. Disclaimer

Any user who attempts to falsify the result with technological means or in any other way will be disqualified immediately. Comments or messages that violate the guidelines of the social media platforms used will be removed without notice after notification. Affected participants are excluded from the competition. If the participation entry of a winner who has already been determined is removed, this entry will be excluded from the competition and a new winner will be determined at random.

5. Subject to change

UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug reserves the right to discontinue the competition at any time temporarily or permanently, without giving reasons and without one or more winners being announced. In this case (before the regular end of the competition) no one will receive a prize.

6. Legal regulations

The Sweepstakes is not directly related to, and is not sponsored or endorsed by, the social media platforms on which it is held. The operators of the social media platforms, in particular Facebook and Instagram, are not available as contact persons for the respective competition. By participating in the competition, participants accept the GTCs and the provisions on data protection of UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug. The participants also agree that by participating in the competition, their personal data will be stored and processed by UNLIMITED BRANDS Ug for the purpose of conducting the competition and for advertising purposes and for sending offers and information. Consent to the storage and processing of personal data can be withdrawn at any time by email to hello@UnlimitedBrands. en be revoked. Comments on social media platforms remain and are still publicly visible until they are deleted by the commenting person.