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Hand Sanitizer Holders

Have you already found your favorite Bath & Body Works hand sanitizing gel? Or do you always dare to try new, special varieties? No matter what you decide: Your colorful pendant should not be missing! It is suitable for all hand disinfection gels and makes it even easier for you to access them anywhere and anytime.

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  1. Hand disinfection gel-ICE-Cream Truck
  2. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Bridgerton - Blazer - Limited Edition
  3. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Vacation Elephant
  4. Hand Sanitizer Gel Tag - Gummy Bear - gummy bear
  5. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Dog with Ball (Light Up)
  6. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Lotus Flower
  7. Hand Sanitizer Gel Holder - Desk Planter - Table Plant
  8. Hand Sanitizer Gel Pendant - Gray Multi-Function Wristlet
  9. Hand Sanitizer Gel Pendant - Delicate Butterfly (Light Up)
  10. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Ring Diamond - Limited Edition
  11. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - ice waffle
  12. Hand Sanitizing Gel Pendant - Diamond
  13. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Pineapple Drink
  14. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Chick with Bunny Ears
  15. Hand Sanitizer Gel Pendant - Rainbow (Light up)
  16. Hand disinfection gel - bag with bee
  17. Hand Sanitizing Gel Tag - Orange with backing
  18. Pendant for hand disinfection gel - Snapcase case
  19. Hand Sanitizer Gel Tag - Green
  20. Hand Sanitizing Gel Tag - Dino

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