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About Us


Behind Unlimited Brands is a colorful, dynamic team full of enthusiasts who have a huge love for America and its unique products. We combine the passion for appealing design and seductive fragrances - it is not for nothing that the Bath & Body Works brand has a very special place with us.

Unlimited Brands - Hollywood

But who is exactly now?


Our "old rabbit", our guru of the numbers and masters of web design - this globetrotter knows the United States like its pocket. His favorite fragrance? Mahogany Teakwood, a classic.


The soul of our online shop constantly brings fresh ideas and innovative approaches into play. No matter where support is needed, it is there. Your absolute fragrance favorite? Aromatherapy "Fresh Start" Sage Cedarwood.


Our superhero on site in Germany - a real multi -talent that juggles between marketing, logistics and everything in between to offer you the best possible shopping experience. Your goal? To inspire you in such a way that you hit turf trees with joy. You and your team are ready to fulfill your wishes and surprise you with a basket full of fantastic offers. Your favorite fragrance? Pink Lavender & Espresso, an incomparable fragrance combination that is as unique as it.


At Unlimited Brands, we have made it our task to prepare you an unforgettable shopping adventure. With us, shopping never gets boring!


We look forward to offering you the best thing to offer the world of American brands.