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Ventilation connector & visor clip - Timy Flower Burst

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Discover the ventilation connector & visor clip now "Tiny Flower Burst". This enchanting golden flower is not only a pretty decoration, but also practical.

The "Tiny Flower Burst" Ventilation plug & visor clip gives your car a touch of elegance and style. Simply attach to the ventilation or the visor of your car and it not only ensures a pleasant fragrance spread, but also serves as a decorative element that enhances your journey.

Enjoy the beauty and functionality of this Ventilation connector & visor clips from Bath & Body Works And drive in a car that not only smells well, but also looks stylish.

Now in a new, easy -to -open design! The built-in clip base is easily attached to the ventilation slot so that your favorite fragrance can distribute itself quickly and efficiently.

Product information

Ventilation plug & visor clip

Just insert a refill of your choice to your car with a pleasant Scent to refresh for 4-6 weeks. DThe built-in clip base is easily attached to the ventilation slot or on the visor. You don't need Electricity still Battery, Dhe air currents alone spread the fragrance quickly throughout the car.

Tip: For example, you can attach this clip to a bracket in your wardrobe!

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