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Bath & Body Works

Shower Gel - Into the Night (Travel Size) NEW DESIGN - 88ml

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Immerse yourself in a timeless, feminine and seductive night in the city with the Bath & Body Works shower gel "Into the night". This irresistible shower gel takes you on a sensual journey and envelops your body into a beguiling fragrance.

The scent of "Into the night" is a masterful composition of raspberry noir, amber crystals, velvety rose petals, creamy Patschuli and Mokka muscle.

Are you unsure whether you like the fragrance? No worries! We offer suitable Scent samples at. Simply enter "fragrance test" in the search bar or "click here". 

The very special care experience arises from moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E, which combine with skin-friendly shea butter into an irresistible formula for silky-tender skin. Accompanied by a wonderfully pleasant fragrance, this shower gel offers you an extraordinary shower experience!

Product information

       shower gel

  • Contents: 88 ml
  • Height: 11.2 cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works 
  • Features: recoverable packaging with plastic lid, moisturizing aloe vera, vitamin E and nutrient -rich shea butter.

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