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White Barn by Bath & Body Works

Room Spray - Black Cherry Merlot - 42.5g

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Immerse yourself in the tempting world of dark cherry, black raspberry and noble Merlot wine with the Bath & Body Works Raumspray - Black Cherry Merlot. This exquisite space spray takes you into a sensual and beguiling atmosphere with its fragrance that embodies the spirit of elegance and enjoyment.

The scent of Black Cherry Merlot is a seductive composition of mature dark cherries, juicy black raspberries and the noble aroma of Merlot Wine. This unique combination creates a deep and sensual fragrance atmosphere that seduces your senses and conveys a feeling of sophistication and luxury.

Only one to two splashes of the Bath & Body Works brands are sufficient and the whole room is filled with a wonderful, long -lasting fragrance. Regardless of whether you like it a little floral or bitter: one or something you will fall in love with your fragrance with the first spray.


Product information

  • Contents: 42.5 g
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Characteristics:  Recovery bottle with metal lid, and practical spray pressure head.

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