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Bath & Body Works

Perfume - gingham - 7ml

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Surround yourself with the refreshing scent of a floral oasis with the Bath & Body Works perfume - Gingham. This exquisite perfume takes you with its fragrance mix of blue freesia, sweet clementine, purple petals and a hint of sweet citrus fruits into a world full of blooms and invigorating freshness.

The scent of Gingham is a wonderfully coordinated combination of blue freesia, sweet clementine, delicate violet petals and a subtle sweetness of citrus fruits. This unique mix creates a lively and refreshing atmosphere that enchants your senses and conveys a feeling of spring flowers and invigorating ease.

Are you unsure whether you like the fragrance? No worries! We offer suitable Scent samples at. Simply enter "fragrance test" in the search bar or "click here". 

It gives you a powerful, long -lasting fragrance experience. Why will you love it? High concentration of fragrance oils. Our luxurious fragrance enjoyment can be easily stowed in your pocket, your desk or simply in the center console ... or really everywhere.

The Eau de Parfum is beautiful, timeless and undeniably female. With a high concentration of fragrance oils, it gives an intensive, long -lasting fragrance for the ultimate, most luxurious pleasure.


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         Eau de Parfum

  • Contents: 7ml
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Features: Round bottle with spray head and locker cap

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