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Hand Sanitizer Gel Tag - Gummy Bear - gummy bear

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The gummy bear-shaped hand sanitizer gel holder is a fun and cute companion for on the go. The holder in the shape of a cute gummy bear can be easily attached to bags, backpacks or key rings and is always ready to hand. So you can use the hand disinfectant gel anytime and anywhere to clean your hands quickly and easily. The holder is not only practical, but also a great eye-catcher that will bring a smile to everyone's face with its fun design and bright colour.
Have you already found your favorite Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer? Or do you always dare to try new, special varieties? No matter what you decide: Your colorful pendant should not be missing! It is suitable for all hand disinfection gels and makes it even easier for you to access them anywhere and anytime.

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Hand Sanitizing Gel Pendant

  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • The hand sanitizer gel is for display purposes only and is not part of the offer.

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