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White Barn by Bath & Body Works

Laundry air pearls - Japanese Cherry Blossom - 510 g

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Pamper your senses with the laundry air pearls "Japanese Cherry Blossom". This fragrance experience takes you into the world of a magical mix of Japanese cherry blossom, juicy pear, mimosa and creamy sandalwood.

The fragrance notes create a fascinating and sensual atmosphere. The cherry blossom gives your laundry a floral elegance and reminds of spring in full bloom. The fresh pear stimulates the senses with a fruity note, while the mimosa adds a gentle and sensual dimension. The creamy sandalwood rounds off the fragrance experience and ensures warm and cozy charisma.

With the laundry air beads, washing becomes a sensual experience that not only cleans your clothes, but also creates a fragrant aura around you. Enjoy the seductive mixture of cherry blossom, pear, mimosa and sandalwood with every laundry. Get our laundry beads "Japanese Cherry Blossom" and immerse yourself in the world of beguiling fragrances that will enchant your senses.

Discover the White Barn by Bath now & Body Works fragrance beads for the non-stop fresh kick on your laundry. Give your laundry plenty of fragrance with the concentrated formula, which also looks highly efficient even in cold water. Simply put directly in the drum with every laundry and dose according to the desired fragrance intensity. Fragrance amplifier beads created by perfumers change the way in which freshly washed laundry smells.

Do you already know the detergent? You can also find these in our online shop. 

  • Add every laundry for the non-stop fresh kick
  • Depending on the desired fragrance experience
  • Suitable for all textiles, even wool, silk and sports clothing
  • Bottle made of 85% recycled plastic.
  • Available in various fragrance variants

FOR USE: Simply press the sides of the cap together and turn it over to open it. Follow the instructions on the care label. 

Please note that the laundry beads may not be filled into the tumble dryer or in the compartment for liquid detergent. 

Product information

          laundry detergent

  • Content: 510 g
  • Total weight: approx. 640g
  • Height: approx. 25.5 cm
  • Diameter on the floor: approx. 8.5 cm.
  • Manufacturer: White Barn by Bath & Body Works
  • Fragrance beads 
  • Features: conical bottle with screw cap

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