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Bath & Body Works

Foam soap - Bridgerton Wisteria Garden - Limited Edition - 259ml

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Immerse yourself in the incomparable freshness of a spring garden with the magical "Bridgenton Wisteria Garden" Foam soap. Named after the picturesque gardens of Bridgton and inspired by the lush splendor of the Wisteria flowers, this foam soap takes you to a refreshing walk through fragrant flowers, hand in hand with a special person.

The "Bridgenton Wisteria Garden" Bath foam soap & Body Works exudes a wonderful fragrance that offers a harmonious composition of sweet rosewood, refreshing English rain and delicate lemon petals. The sweet rosewood envelops your senses with a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the fragrance of English rain captures a refreshing breeze of purity and liveliness. The delicate lemon petals give the soap a subtle but invigorating citrus note that meets your skin with freshness.

Enjoy a luxurious foam experience with this high -quality foam soap. Your light texture and the refreshing fragrance make you an indispensable part of your care routine. It is an elegant addition to your bathroom and a tasteful gift for your loved ones.

Pamper your senses with the Bridgentton Wisteria Garden foam soap and dive into the refreshing atmosphere of an English spring garden, where freshness and beauty go hand in hand.

The nourishing foam soaps from Bath & Body Works contain aloe vera, vitamin E and other rich essences. They gently wash dirt from the skin while your hands become soft and smooth at the same time. These hand soaps contain everything your skin needs and loves. 


Product information

         Foam soap

  • Contents: 259 ml
  • Height: 19.2 cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Free of chemical sulfates, parabens and dyes
  • Bottle 100 % from recycling material
  • Features: Soap dispenser made of plastic, practical pump dispenser- soap is reproduced as a foam by the pump dispenser
  • Soiling aloe vera, vitamin E, sheea extract and natural essential oils, suitable for everyday use.

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