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Shower gel 3in1 - Gingham Legend 👑 - For Men - 295ml

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Gingham Legend Shower Gel is our richest, warmest and most iconic shower gel ever. The fragrance embodies the ultimate freshness and energy and will take you to another world with its sensual and refreshing aroma.

The fragrance notes are a perfect combination of bergamot, rich oak and reserve sandalwood, which together create a unique and refreshing scent. The smell of the shower gel is not too obtrusive, but has a pleasant and invigorating effect.

The Gingham Legend Shower Gel comes in a convenient bottle that is perfect for everyday use. With its refreshing effect, it is the perfect accessory for an energetic start to the day or an invigorating shower after a hard workout.

Apply the Gingham Legend shower gel and enjoy the refreshing and invigorating scent that surrounds you. The shower gel gently and thoroughly cleanses your skin and gives it a pleasant and refreshing scent. This shower gel is the perfect accessory for today's modern man who values ​​freshness, energy and care.

The very special care comes from moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E, which combine with skin-friendly shea butter to create an irresistible formula for silky-soft skin .

product information

Shower Gel For Men

  • Content: 295ml
  • Height: 16.8cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Features: Resealable packaging with plastic lid, moisturizing aloe vera or nutrient-rich shea butter and vitamin E.

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