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Bath & Body Works

Block soap - Coffee & Whiskey - 141.75g

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Immerse yourself in a truly invigorating experience with our “Coffee & Whiskey” bar soap, which is accompanied by a unique weekend atmosphere. The scent of this block soap combines your favorite pick-me-up with a touch of relaxation and enjoyment.

"Coffee & Whiskey" from Bath & Body Works takes you into a sensual world with strong Irish whiskey, a touch of vanilla and a pinch of coffee. The scent of Irish whiskey gives the soap an aromatic intensity and is reminiscent of cozy hours by the fireplace. The delicate vanilla rounds off the scent and conveys a pleasant warmth and sweetness. A touch of coffee adds a refreshing touch and awakens your senses.

Enjoy every day with a touch of enjoyment and well-being and let yourself be enchanted by this unique fragrance experience.

Feel fresh and clean with this nourishing bar soap. Made without sulfates, parabens or dyes, the formula creates a rich, creamy lather that helps maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier.

Bath & Body Works nourishing bar soaps contain sea butter and coconut oil.

Whether as a hand soap or as a shower soap. They gently wash dirt from the skin while leaving it soft and smooth. This bar soap contains everything your skin needs and loves.

Product information

Block soap

  • Weight: 141.75g
  • Dimensions: 9.5cm x 5.4cm x 3cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Features: Block soap packaged in 100% recycled paper

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