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The Wallflowers by Bath & Body Works allow you to have your home smelling like your favorite scent anytime.
Just choose your favorite fragrance plug. It doesn't matter whether it's plain gray or a shiny sun - we always have seasonally changing designs.
Choose a Wallflower Refill with your favorite scent. Whether it's a year-round classic or a special seasonal fragrance - try it out!
Now, after removing the protective cap, turn your refill into the fragrance plug and plug it into the socket.
Your whole home will smell wonderful for several weeks.

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  1. Wallflower Refill - Iced Lemon Pound Cake - 24ml
  2. Wallflower Refill - Gingham Unstoppable - Limited Edition - 24ml
  3. Wallflower Refill - Crystal Waves - 24ml
  4. Wallflower Refill - Blush Amber & Peony - 24ml
  5. Wallflower Refill - Clean House Vibes - 24ml
  6. Wallflower Refill - Bright Test Bloom - 24ml
  7. Wallflower Refill - Pink Pineapple Sunrise - 24ml
  8. Wallflower Refill - Fresh Cut Lilacs - 24ml
  9. Wallflower Refill - Aloha Kiwi PassionFruit - 24ml
  10. Wallflower Refill - Sun -Drenched Linen - 24ml
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  11. Wallflower Refill - Sweet Kiwi & Starfruit - 24ml
  12. Wallflower Refill - Pink Lavender & Espresso - 24ml
  13. Wallflower Refill - Greenhouse Far - 24ml
  14. Wallflower Refill - Fiji White Sands - 24ml
  15. Wallflower Refill - Strawberry Daiquiri - 24ml
  16. Wallflower Refill - Aloe & Palm - 24ml
  17. Wallflower Refill - Mahogany Vanilla - 24ml
  18. Wallflower Refill - Blue Verbena & Lime - 24ml
  19. Wallflower Refill - Blueberry Bellini - 24ml
    Sold Out
  20. Wallflower Refill - Tiki Beach - 24ml

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