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Gel Soaps

The gentle gel soaps from Bath & Body Works leave your hands feeling clean and soft thanks to their new gel formula without dyes or parabens. Thanks to vitamin E, they are supplied with plenty of moisture, while shea extract and aloe ensure even smoother skin.
The high-quality peeling soaps from Bath & Body Works act like a soothing manicure for in between. They have been specially developed for effective cleansing and skin renewal. The included cleaning pearls ensure thorough cleaning of dirty hands. At the same time, the ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E ensure soft and supple hands. These soaps contain everything your skin craves!

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  1. Gel soap - Seaside Cove - 236ml
  2. Gel soap - Island Margarita - 236ml
  3. Gel soap - Coconut Sandalwood - 236ml
  4. Gel soap - Eucalyptus Mint - 236ml
  5. Gel soap - Garden Thyme - 236ml
  6. Gel Soap - Crisp Morning Air - 236ml
  7. Gel Soap - Black Cherry Merlot - 236ml
  8. Gel soap - Mahogany Teakwood - 236ml
  9. Soap holder for gel soap - Leafy Vines

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