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Bath & Body Works

Pendant for hand disinfectant gel - disco ball (with sound)

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Immerse yourself in the world of fun and cleanliness with the Bath & Body Works "Disco Ball " Hand Sanitizer Gel Charm with Sound Effects!

Shine and glamor : This pendant in the shape of a disco ball is not only chic, but also a real eye-catcher on your key chain or in your handbag. The sparkling surface gives it the glamor of a real disco ball.

🎶 With sound effects : Press the button and enjoy the sound effect of a happy disco party! This makes hand disinfection an entertaining experience.

The "Disco ball " as a hand disinfectant gel pendant with sound effects ensures a unique and entertaining way of hand hygiene. Get yours today and bring the party vibe with you wherever you go! ✨🎉🧼

Have you already found your favorite hand disinfectant gel from Bath & Body Works? Or do you always dare to try new, special varieties? No matter what you choose: your colorful pendant is a must! It is suitable for all hand disinfectant gels and makes it even easier for you to access them anywhere and at any time.

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Hand disinfectant gel pendant

  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • The hand disinfectant gel is only used to display the trailer and is not part of the offer.

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