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Bath & Body Works

Body Spray - Satin Slippers - 236ml

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Experience the enchanting world of “Satin Slippers” with the body spray of the same name. This fragrance takes you into an elegant dance of exquisite flowers.

The fragrance composition of "Satin Slippers" is a wonderful harmony of exquisite notes:

The delicate notes of white rose give this body spray an elegant and romantic touch that is reminiscent of a blooming rose garden.

The scent of dreamy jasmine adds a sensual and floral dimension that tantalizes the senses and is reminiscent of a moonless night.

Airy musk completes the composition and conveys a feeling of delicate lightness and elegance.

With the "Satin Slippers" Body Spray from Bath & Body Works, every moment becomes a graceful experience. Immerse yourself in the elegant dance of these exquisite floral scents and enjoy the sensual delicacy.

The body sprays from the hottest American brand Bath & Body Works are light and pleasant on the skin and have moisturizing ingredients. No matter whether you like a slightly floral or slightly sparkling scent: the scent sprays will definitely invigorate and brighten your day!

Product information

Body spray

  • Contents: 236 ml
  • Height: 20.6 cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Features: Resealable packaging with plastic lid, refreshing body spray, moisturizing, with practical pump dispenser and lid
  • Flammable, Keep away from flames or high heat Body spray, not for underarms.

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