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Block soap - Ocean - 141.75g

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Ocean For men is specially developed for men who envelop you with a refreshing scent of a cool and deep blue sea. The scent of this block soap is reminiscent of a refreshing bath in the deep waters of the ocean.

The fragrance notes of Ocean For Men, a combination of blue cypress, vetiver and coastal air. These fragrance notes together result in a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that refreshes the senses and conveys a positive mood.

Feel fresh and clean with this nourishing block soap. The formula is produced without sulfates, parabens or dyes and creates a rich, creamy foam that contributes to maintaining the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

The nourishing block soaps from Bath & Body Works include Seah butter and coconut oil. 

No matter whether as a hand soap or as a shower soap. They gently wash dirt from the skin while it becomes soft and smooth at the same time. This block soap contains everything your skin needs and loves. 


Product information

Block soap

  • Weight: 141.75g 
  • Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 5.4cm x 3cm
  • Manufacturer: Bath & Body Works
  • Features: Block soap packed in 100% recycled paper 

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